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The principle choice of infra-red lamp and application
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One, overview
In project of TV supervisory system, used infra-red light rarely in the past, in recent years, not only the significant section such as branch of library of document of exchequer, oil depot, armory, books, cultural relic, jail is used, and also be used in average supervisory system. Even project of monitoring of dweller village TV also used infra-red light. This explains the people demand to project of TV supervisory system is more and more normative, higher and higher. Not only the requirement illuminates bright monitoring with nightly visible light by day, and the requirement is nightly concealment sexual monitoring.
As the development of technology of project of TV supervisory system, those who buy infra-red lamp user is swift and violent increase, also appear many problems, for example: Some user bought ten infra-red lamps, say one does not shine, the course enquires understanding just knows, what he uses is common color camera, and common color camera is not to experience infra-red light; Some users say the illuminate with your infra-red lamp nominal short of is apart from, through understanding, they lack infra-red lamp to be opposite camera, camera lens, shield and the understanding that sex of form a complete set of power supply system asks, did not serve as false night of low intensity of illumination of an infra-red low intensity of illumination to inspect systematic project to come in design of TV monitoring engineering total consideration; Some users understand infra-red lamp flatter oneself, increase tension of power supply of DC12V infra-red lamp by oneself, increase the irradiation power of infra-red lamp with this, or use not stabilized voltage direct current source gives DC12V infra-red lamp power supply cause infra-red lamp burn down; The intensity of illumination that some users mirror them to ask by infra-red lamp is chosen matched camera, the illuminate that says in infra-red beacon light cannot obtain clear picture however inside the distance, and the lowermost intensity of illumination that does not know some camera to produce manufacturer to give out has moisture content, or used concept of vague lowermost intensity of illumination innocently of purpose, replace scenery intensity of illumination with intensity of illumination of range of so called target; In addition, some users obtain the element of clear picture to be being affected besides camera intensity of illumination, f of F of aperture of the nominal dimension that is like camera and camera lens, camera lens, focal length, right camera function asks to wait not to understand very. The principle that we think to dealer of TV monitoring equipment, project business and user introduce a few infra-red lamps now, choice and applied method are beneficial.
Implement the method that night inspects, can use groovy visible light illume, but this law not only cannot concealed. . .

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