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Of camera lens, infra-red lamp debug a method
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The adjustment of the intercept after focussing camera lens the method is what kind of
The function of automatic electron shutter of use camera, camera lens aperture tone arrives the biggest, focusing annulus is apart from actually by scenery adjust, the intercept after adjusting next till till picture is the clearest. Scorch

The adjustment of the intercept after camera lens the method is what kind of
1. opens camera function of automatic electron shutter
2. moves camera lens aperture with controller the biggest
3. aims camera 30 meters of objects beyond, focusing is moved to boundless far (major camera lens is to face camera lens general in front
Suitable hour hand of focusing adjustment annulus rotates in the end)
4. uses controller to adjust camera lens scorch to push scenery to farthermost, the intercept after adjusting camera lens makes scenery the clearest
5. uses controller to adjust camera lens scorch to pull scenery to recently, focusing of fine tuning camera lens makes scenery the clearest
6.Repeat 4-5 situation several times, till scenery is clear from beginning to end in process of camera lens scorch

Infra-red lamp has different power to reach 715, 830nM two kinds of wavelengh, does the choice of wavelengh depend on what element?
1. if the user does not mind infra-red light to be seen by naked eye place, the infra-red lamp of 715nM because its illume distance is far, the effect is good
Should be first selection.
If 2. considers red cruel issue, must use the infra-red light of 830nM, should use the camera of low intensity of illumination.
3. chooses the shot with opposite bigger aperture
The horn of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics of 4. infra-red lamp should match with the photograph of angle of visual field of camera lens

Limits of the biggest illume depends on of weather condition, object glance rate and the illumination level all round, the projectile limits with infra-red farthermost spotlight is as follows:
Rice of 50W=15-30 of rice of 500W=150-200 rice 300W=80-120 30W=5-15 rice
The installation means of camera lens: Have C type and CS type two kinds, both whorl all is 1 inch of 32 teeth, the diameter is 1 inch, the difference is camera lens is apart from the distance of CCD target range to differ, c type is installed it is 17.562 millimeter to focal distance from datum plane, range of target of CCD of distance of the type that compare CS is much special the length that receives a group, CS type is apart from focal distance to be 12.5 millimeter. Do not look down upon this one to receive a group, if do not have it, camera lens and photograph like the head cannot normal focusing, image becomes punch-drunk. Before installing camera lens so, have a look first photograph resembling head and camera lens is same kind of interface means, if not be, receive a group according to particular case increase and decrease with respect to need. Some photographing need not receive a group like the head, and after using, resemble adjusting annulus (if the pine leaves a product) , when adjusting, screw off with screwdriver adjust the screw on annulus, roll adjustment annulus, right now CCD target range can install base relatively backward (before) motion, also rise to receive the effect of the circle. Additional (be like SONY, JVC) resemble adjusting after adoption pattern is similar annulus, its fixed screw is in commonly the flank of camera. After screwing off, adjust a topmost gear, also can make picture clear and need not add decrease receive a group.
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