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Monitoring photographs common like head maintenance problem to solve
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1 . Without image output
A. Whether has been examination power source received, power source voltage is enough.
Whether are B.BNC connect or video cable contacted undesirable.
C. Camera lens aperture has deny open.
D. Whether are video or the control line of automatic aperture camera lens that shed drive continuously received right.

2. Picture quality is bad
A. Whether camera lens has loops and whorls on a finger or too dirty.
B. Aperture has deny mix up.
C. Video cable contact is undesirable.
D. Electronic shutter or white balance setting have without the problem.
E. Transmission distance whether too far.
F. Voltage is normal.
G. Whether does interference source exist around.
H. Should make sure with elevator when be installed in elevator insulation is avoided suffer interference.
I.CS interface has deny receive right.

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