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Magical radar is supervised, shifty
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The respect is ensured in Olympic Games atmosphere, altogether has 12 radar to provide Olympic Games weather service, through contest mark, 14 are assumed among them 7.

The opening ceremony is gallant hour, but if encounter the harsh climate such as fresh gale heavy rain, hail, will special feel disappointed. This dogs with respect to need radar the wave motion of old day. Actually, affect the atmosphere factor that Beijing weather changes, it is the wind that goes from and other places of Heibei, Inner Mongolia and cloud normally. And these radar of Nanjing, enclothed radius achieves 200 kilometers, the across that is rigor enclothes embattle, can accurate determine precipitation position, intensity, Yun Gaoyun is thick, wind direction, wind speed.

Accordingly, when harships cloud cluster in the mobile road of northerly Beijing, radar can keep measuring wind to measure rain momently, when to go to Beijing, intensity becomes how old, can make a report in time. Such, atmosphere branch can adopt measure to have the kind of artificial interpose weather accordingly, before making soup arrives at Beijing abate or disappear.

High-end radar is banner the whole world

14 expert introduces, in numerous radar, one calls a car to carry X wave band to join crewel polarization much general to strap weather radar completely, this name sounds complex, its function is to be infinitely resourceful however.

This kind of radar can explore target of the atmosphere in precipitation of the rainstorm inside 300 kilometers limits, hail, large area and other sky, can undertake be monitoringed effectively mixing to the calamity sex weather such as flatus, hail early-warning. More important is, inside specific place and specific time, there can be one cloudlet to had waved in weather, the precipitation odds of this cloudlet has many tall, this kind of radar is judged accurately come out.

It is reported, this is the radar that the whole nation can use the first set at affecting weather to work artificially, can install on board motor-driven is used, besides China, on eye preexistence bound only the United States is had.

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