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Guard against theft calls the police the system is summarized
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One, call the police the system is to use infrared device to reach call the police leader will control the system that invades illegally, according to diverse demand, have different configuration kind.

1. Perimeter calls the police system

Call the police detector is more, perimeter is long, use bus line type to call the police commonly system, call the police detector is used active to shooting detector, whole system changes module by detector, alarm signal, call the police bus line, call the police telephone exchange, call the police the composition such as the horn. Its function is powerful, performance is steady. Perimeter distance is unlimited, lead plane raises amplifier to be able to receive very remote call the policing through cent detector signal. Control clavier and call the police it is OK also inside master control room that the horn can be installed hold any position on bus line, an above duty room should need when perimeter is very long, this system is very applicable.

2. The system calls the police inside the building

The system calls the police to be able to be mixed inside the building outdoor call the police systematic group synthesizes an old system, also can comprise to call the police alone according to need system. The basis is indoor call the police of reference point more or less can choose bus line type to call the police lead plane also can choose common form call the police lead plane.

3. Small-sized call the police system or family call the police system

Small-sized call the police system or domestic type call the police the system calls the police a few times only detector, did not call the police commonly most of control duty room is managed by bellman, or the controller that calls the police to appoint through the phone.

  2, intelligent security personnel includes how to be prevented call the police system of system of record of go on a tour of inspection of system of system, entrance guard system, parking lot management, security personnel, check on work attendance, wait to telling a doorbell.

1. How to prevent call the police system

Comprise by probe and lead plane, arrive when probe ascertain inbreak call the police after information, give out signal to give lead plane, frequency signal is issued after lead plane receives signal or through dialing implement dial a phone to call the police, or control camera films spot image, if be igneous affection signal, OK still move is voluntary cut out an engine of unit of put out a fire. Call the police according to the user need, can install head of newspaper police officer in different position, prevent what break a window and enter to have glass broken induction probe, prevent what enter from some passageway to have enter head of newspaper police officer, fireproof has aerosol probe, temperature rise probe. Prevent harmful gas have aeriform explore first class

2. Entrance guard system
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