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Golden Xiang Yu the Conqueror calls the police
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38 yuan / remove 36 outside concluding column of edge of internal pressure type, press break city of night lock Guangzhou to always lock up course of study all right scope of operations: Padlock, bicycle lock, autocycle lock, call the police the lock such as lock of lock, globose lock, gate of door lock of guard against theft, iron. Phone: 020, 81170346 mobile telephone: 13539956727 address: Bay of Li of city of Chinese Guangdong Guangzhou Ou Enning road 202 postcodes: 510140 trades reach remittance means to hold calorie of person: Trading company of industry of China of Li Haoxian is well-informed card: 9558803602160391017 Guangdong develops bank conduct financial transactions to connect: Bank of 6225682221000178750 Shenzhen development borrows write down card: 6225380030451845 company homepage: Http://www.yongxingsuoye.com.cn/

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