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The design of system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity and installation
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9) According to GB13955 standard 6. 3. 7 requirement, those who have as follows must want to examine after installation finishs project: By move exploration controller (warning apparatus) the test test pushbutton that go up, make exploration controller is defeated by manage to sell to buckle voltage, breaker of experiment model carapace is taken off buckle acute. This test should one by one undertakes, experiment 3 times continuously with experiment pushbutton, should right movement, fire control center centers controller to should be indicated call the police place; Take cent of rated bear electric current to close 3 times, all credible action, not due call the police by accident phenomenon; In concentration of fire control center controller begin moves pair of each distribution box to undertake cutting off the power checking, should not have correctly by accident.
10) Leakage of electricity calls the police the administrative system that the system uses: Need every months to be below electrify condition, by use experiment button, action of protector of examination leakage of electricity is credible. Be struck by lightning or other are unidentified the reason makes after movement of protector of leakage of electricity, should make an inspection. After movement of protector of leakage of electricity, when discovering accident reason via the examination, allow to try power transmission, if again movement, should find out a reason to find out breakdown, must not successive forcibly power transmission. Forbidden bond, short receive protector of movement of electric current of use the rest.

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