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The design of system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity and installation
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2.2.2 odd electric current explore the cloth aspect of controller
According to GB " the installation of protector of movement of odd electric current and move " the regulation that protects about classificationing in GB13955-2005, when installing supervisory and control arrangement of fire of odd electric current, answer area of the fire prevention inside the building to make reasonable distributinging design, affirmatory and proper protection limits, booked odd cable flow makes value and behavioral time, should satisfy classification behavioral character of protection asks, the power cut limits that causes when contractible breakdown dump. Accordingly, the relevant parameter that system of distribution be accusinged answers above all when the design has a clearer knowledge, research concerns the relevant blueprint of circuitry of distribution be accusinged, it is clear to will build electric distributinging circumstance to investigate, affirmatory distribution facilities (distribution box, dish, ark) the position, allocate each exploration controller to corresponding distribution facilities, control detector amount configuration certainly according to actual condition. To avoid to repeat a setting, configuration has odd electric current to probe the distribution case of controller, use average band to take off the sky that buckle to leave only commonly, use the air that brings protection of leakage of electricity to leave no longer.
Dot allocate a principle to be as follows: Use electric bear and line according to the building particular case, use 2 class or pattern of 3 class protection certainly; General part of all 2 class switch should install odd electric current to explore controller; Whether is 3 class switch installed should according to bear the actual condition such as sex of hazard of actual condition and building utility, fire decides. After deciding exploration controller installs the position, the installation gross of statistical exploration controller chooses table of corresponding hanging, clothes closet, musical instrument to center controller to make system of finished fire alarm of leakage of electricity according to product data again. Center controller general setting is in fire control center.
Main line, include fire protection, how to prevent, circuitry of illume of lash-up power source, passageway and the main room that not allow to make power cut, according to GB13955 4.6 regulation, should install pure call the police electric current of type the rest explores warning apparatus, call the police but not dump (do not control buckle) , made sure the safety that use phone assured the uninterrupted sex of power supply again already.
Must notice to classification in 2.2.3 designs protective issue
To prevent electric fire, GB13955-2005 emphasizes using classification when protection, power source end or the protector of odd electric current that divide branch line road to go up should the behavioral character of protector of as odd as endmost electric current ought to be coordinated cooperate, implementation has a movement to classification optionally protection, avoid large area power cut. Usually, on power source end or branch line, should choose low sensitivity delay time model or the protector of odd electric current with behavioral adjustable character. And terminally, still should use a tradition not to have the switch of leakage of electricity of delay time, iΔn≤30mA of electric current of movement of leakage of electricity, 0.1s of < of Tn of rated movement time, tall sensitivity, quick action, basically use at preventing person protection getting an electric shock, with system of fire alarm of leakage of electricity it is complementary relation.
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