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Steel car intrigue updates product of car guard against theft to also upgrade (g
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Guard against theft of two-way car remote control implement

On Feburary 21, our newspaper " car weekly " reported Xi'an after gang of car of a steel uses high-tech method to undertake larcenous be related of the property inside the car and car of steal and sell, a lot of readers hit a phone to express, signal of remote control of this kind of car is disturbed implement, intercept implement go up publicly in the net actually sale, so, the love car that how can you just allow oneself better Where is guard against theft?

  ■ car safety berth is guard against theft the first pace

According to branch of Xi'an of restful insurance company one is engaged in the staff member of pilfer rush to deal with an emergency introducing to the reporter, the steel car method of tradition of the thief that steal a car basically is prize door be bungled window, right car door lock undertakes technical open, demolish car warning apparatus to wait. The more cheap car is used the more most the method of crude ” steals “ . And develop as the high speed of technology of car guard against theft, bandits people the craft that steals a car also upgrades in ceaseless “ ” .

According to introducing, face the car of system of high-tech guard against theft when steel car thief when, the gimmick that steals a car already was bungled from prize door window, all-purpose the system of computer guard against theft that opens a lock to turn unlock into the buy inside the car. Then, a kind use technically cope with guard against theft implement ” of computer “ decoder also appears in bandits people in the hand. Content of science and technology of this kind of decoder is very high, steel car thief inserts special decoder car keyhole, carry the code that defeat interpret, can solve a “ inside the car to break oil path ” , “ to break circuit ” to wait for system of computer guard against theft not only, still can make car warning apparatus becomes a dumb person. Steel car thief needs a few minutes to be able to drive a car only.
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