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Friend of car of car guard against theft has clever court
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Ah! Guard against theft implement noisy!

These days, the news that has car suffer loss by theft again and again sees Zhu Baoduan, car guard against theft becomes Q friend people the topic of the care. Car how guard against theft, the car is friendly people draw on the wisdom of the masses, ” of book of secret of guard against theft of a “ gives heat at this point.

  The most brillant guard against theft: Ability is prevented add people's air defense

Economic index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

A lot of car friend mention car guard against theft, can associate to add outfit guard against theft directly implement, the guard against theft that thinks mount is good implement with respect to everything is just fine. Actually otherwise.

Mr Li sums up Q friend experience: This car guard against theft returns “ so that rely on ability to prevent to add people's air defense. People's air defense basically relies on to manage alertness wakes, if car have to stops in roadside pass the night, so the vehicle that chooses a street lamp to fall more advisable, what thief works is the thing of light of not to be exposed to, car falls in illuminate of street lamp light, odds of have things stolen is far smaller than stopping in dark corner. Additional, choose a more advanced than him car adjacent vehicle, also be a right choice it seems that. I always like the little game Europe oneself to stop by of high-grade car. Thief wants to also can steal high-grade car only secretly, won't steal my cheap little game Europe. ”

Most technical guard against theft: Installation concealments circuit switch

Economic index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Car guard against theft, besides thief should give awe in mentally outside, return so that be on guard from the technology. Old master introduces Q friend, the technical personnel that can let maintain a factory installs switch of a circuit in the shadow of driver's seat, when getting off, the circuit the car is cut off. Many taxi drivers give a car mount now such device, calculate thief to destroy car door lock to enter a car with force inside, also receive be illogical circuit, dozen do not wear car. Such greatly protracted thief thieve time, increase the security of the car, and such device is installed not hard, in general steam on the flower that build a plant 89 yuan can be finished.

Most the guard against theft of awe: Add hold unit of all sorts of guard against theft

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