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Burglarproof of illicit home car 6 big errors
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Car guard against theft this also is adage bring up again, this topic is just as surging Jiang Shuimian continous is incessant. The person that buys a car is very much, be afraid of lose; The person that loses a car is not little also, can find no way out!

One, door guard against theft:

Growth of illicit home car is swift and violent, bribe car market extends increasingly. The electric power that contemporary guard against theft must want to lock up a car and fuel supply a system, and should use the identity that cannot be intercepted and capture to defeat solution to fasten password guard against theft by accident, prevent start car illegally.

2, guard against theft of fixed password remote control:

The great majority that distributors gives is to jump line codeGuard against theft implement, remove guard against theft is like ask for a light easily. Some guard against theft implement still have warm-up function, after wicked person remote control starts warm-up function, do not need prize line to take internal heat even, can relaxed take car steel.
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