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Equipment of new-style car guard against theft introduces
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As the bitter fleabane of Chinese car market suddenly develops, the car already made the indispensable one part in people life, while science and technology progresses, steel car method also upgraded ceaselessly, and consumer is on guard to automobile safety the demand of the respect also rises subsequently, people passes the guard against theft with ceaseless new development only implement will get used to this one requirement. As we have learned, at present equipment of all sorts of guard against theft on the market have just a little at least 10 kinds, from the lock of all sorts of rigid structures, call the police to all sorts of electrons guard against theft implement, lin Lin always. The friend of not rare car worries about the safety of car most, they can give car mount locks of all sorts of guard against theft through all sorts of means, so, choose what kind of guard against theft to lock up ability to ensure car is safe after all, what kind of choice is just a kind of reason and not does blind choose? The reporter interviewed Guangzhou technically recently to protect the king that new after service stands to exceed head of a station, listen to an expert how to say.

System of chip type guard against theft: Function is best but charge on the high side

Guard against theft of this kind of chip implement it is former factory production commonly, the belt that follow a car comes over, it has two kinds of basic kinds, it is chip number type, have alone remote controller. Its fundamental is to chain the car is started control a system or chain the motor of the car, circuit and oil path, car cannot be started below the circumstance that does not have chip key, the rate of password heavy code of digitlization is extremely low, chip and car key want to be used at the same time, be short of one cannot. It arrived since real ground truckload burglarproof action, security is quite high, same kind of model, each car has a code that match alone, performance side has very big safeguard. But having a drawback is, if the key is missing more troublesome, match a likelihood to want to wait afresh go up for some time, because want to pass service inn to be contacted to manufacturer directly, square likelihood matchs afresh, and charge also can be compared tall. The expert offers, the photograph of best chip and remote control cooperates to use, will make so the heighten of function of guard against theft of the car.

Steering wheel locks up type guard against theft oneself: Handy and solid

According to expert introduction, this kind of steering wheel locks up type guard against theft oneself implement the advantage is, the operation is more convenient, also do not affect the exterior interior trim of car itself, make worn-out possibility less, won't put in missing circumstance, performance of guard against theft is better also, but for more skilled to those gimmick that steal a car person, performance of guard against theft is good without chip guard against theft, more mechanical. Defect is, if damaged, maintenance rises to be bothered quite, workload is bigger, more time-consuming, but charge side won't be very high, general hundreds of yuan can be done calm.
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