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The selection that one pace follows me to learn system of domestic guard against
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Recently, we all can receive a client everyday aboutDomestic guard against theftAndSupervisory systemthe advisory phone such as position of installation of means of equipment type selecting, place troops on garrison duty, equipment. Although we already as far as possible detailed explanation, but the limitation that states as a result of speech, it is clear that partial user still cannot understand. For this, we undertake the analysis of one pace and configuration with a real case here, the draw inferences about other cases from one instance in hoping everybody is applying actually, master knowledge of means of the equipment type selecting of domestic guard against theft and supervisory system, place troops on garrison duty, installation basically. If still have the place that cannot understand, welcome word of big home appliance to seek advice, we will enrich the article according to everybody's opinion.

Now, let us enter subject together:
   The first pace: Need the range that be on guard certainly according to room circumstance:
From the graph 1 in, we can see, 2 balconies and gate are in the position that is inbreaked the most easily; The window that is kitchen, study next (because the study is mixed,the kitchen is unmanned condition commonly at ordinary times, especially buy of ordinary in the evening air, the entry that makes burglar easily) ; It is again advocate ② of room of bedroom ① , children and toilet ③ ;
Come here, the region know fairly well that we had been on guard to need, at the same time be on guard the primary and secondary of area also comes down certainly (express to inbreak by the primary and secondary that be on guard in the graph the position)

The 2nd pace: Of affirmatory defence area and every defence area be on guard means and equipment
After understanding the position that is inbreaked easily and area, the check the number that should wait for element and your economy condition to decide fortify according to environment of measure of security personnel of your circumjacent environment, village, family (it is right of course all inbreak easily defence area is whole fortify is best) . Here, we are with all to above area fortify temporarily exemple, have plant layout of all sorts of different guard against theft, you are OK the particular case increase and decrease according to you is relevant equipment:

① economy configuration:

In public security the environment has been compared or the circumstance such as economic condition tie falls, we undertake fortify to ⑤ of ④ of ③ of ② of gate ① , balcony, kitchen, study only: Among them, gate, kitchen, study uses detector of wireless door magnetism, sitting room and bedroom use infra-red detector to have place troops on garrison duty, what use device:
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