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Factory guard against theft calls the police systematic program
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One, factory guard against theft calls the police systematic action

Current, as economic development, a large number of new workshop investment are used, people is on guard to take seriously more and more to the equipment safety of the factory, adopted a lot of measure to protect the security of the factory. Before the practice is net of installation guard against theft, but also put in be a hindrance to easy discovery of beautiful, criminal hides my, cannot arrest bad person effectively inbreak wait for defect. Now, the workshop of countrywide various places begins system of modern intelligent guard against theft to build in rapid ground, be on guard to among them safety system, supervisory system raised taller requirement. Because most manufacturer is set in the suburb, of workshop all around by day or when nightly activity personnel is little, the criminal enters plant area very easily to commit the crime from enclosure, arrive to make the unexpected loss that should not produce falls lowest, must want to have a special safety and operation personnel, the belongings safety that will safeguard and manage plant area does not suffer any enroach on, the safest and effective method is: 1, wireless on the four week enclosure jacket of plant area infra-red probe, it is the infrared ray that benefit choose and employ persons disappears soon mutual between form to defend net, security is extremely high. 2, in workshop all around each edge about with the installs to exceed loud sound locally hooter in the middle of, of plant area all around 4 hooter are installed on 4 edges, no matter be which edge somebody,inbreak, the hooter of this edge calls the police instantly, give out gigantic voice. Pilfer person it is very guilty, when the be frightened out of one's wits that hears so big hooter reputation to be able to be frightened, decamp. 3, call the police lead plane should have person specially assigned for a task to manage, the meeting on the lead plane when calling the police shows the defence area that call the police, indication defence area inbreaks on behalf of this azimuth somebody, because this calls the police,the center must want someone the value is defended. So that alarm affection gets be handlinged quickly.

2, the perimeter guard against theft of plant area calls the police systematic requirement is as follows:

1, extensive sex----Every significant position of requirement plant area can get protective.
2, practical----The requirement is on guard every the circumstance that subsystem can be in actual and likely happening to suffer enroach on falls to call the police in time. Ask the operation is handy, link is little, learn easily.
3, systematization----The requirement is on guard every when affection of subsystem on record happens, divide outside must passing center of security personnel monitoring in time, there is hooter reputation in this azimuth even.
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