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The branch of a laser of GSI group is in He Rui - watt university announced a jo
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Dr. Lin Wude shows the CTO mark pattern of GSI: The quality of beam of light of semiconductor laser system restricts his soldering, plastic solder, quench, the application on the market such as frit apply. The target of this project improves quality of beam of light namely, those who make is OK the CO2 of image height power and Nd:Y of lamp pump riversideAG applies in above domain euqally.

Regard high power laser beam machining as banner supplier of the system, GSI develops laser of fiber-optic coupling semiconductor actively, let this kind stimulate beam of light to be able to use more wide mainstream application among equipment. Especially the efficiency that this project aims to develop this laser, application receives a territory to laser beam welding, make than MIG (inert gase protection solders) or other technology is more efficient.

This strategy investment will be electron, photon and electronic system domain to bring an opportunity. Mike Biddle expresses: The development of this technology can bring many commercial opportunity to England, pass this project to be able to develop system of advanced laser beam machining, use in the whole world, we participate in this to organic meeting " world-class " research project feels very glad.

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