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Big pool of technology of machine of infrared an organic whole
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Nowadays camera market, seem to remain machine of infra-red an organic whole to still can be fried only, because such, the topic that cause and controversy are most also, everybody climbs civil also be to climb more confused more, accordingly, become relevant knowledge here an introduction, saying is " big pool " be some hyperbole, basically be manufacturer of hope numerous major people making ad, also do not forget to be in water of this fill fill, everybody blows boast, the truth jumps over argue bright, everybody makes a noise a period of time, this edition is really " big pool " !
Though " water Qing Dynasty does not have a fish " , but always cannot from morning till night is hit battle mistily, the rights and interests of consumer also must be taken care of.

Why can CCD see infrared ray?
CCD can see infrared ray originally! It has a reaction to infra-red light originally, do not believe, take a black and white camera, put out electric lamp, take an infra-red lamp to be illuminated, video did not come out!

Why cannot that color CCD see infrared ray? In fact, the infrared ray that chromatic CCD also sees, because,be it can the induction arrives infrared ray, can disturb D.S.P (video processing advocate chip) operation, bring about " slant color " , accordingly, must think a way, let it cannot receive infrared ray, the method is: 肅 CD is worn " sunglass " , it is a person only the sunglass that wear is segregation ultraviolet ray, and what CCD wears is segregation infrared ray, this is that filter with chromatic CCD sticky above. See Zhang Tu first:

This is the penetrable rate with smooth to every wavelengh filter, cross axle is wavelengh, with Nai rice (Nm) expresses, x-axis is penetrable rate, we see penetrate from 380nm-645nm leading is to make an appointment with 93% , the limits that just is visible light (violet - indigo - blue - green - yellow - orange - red) , the color that is rainbow! 600 much Nm are red light, go to in it right with " outside " , cry " infrared ray " , be " the light beyond red " the light that is not red, cannot have seen because of the eye, come again, it is purple that 380nm controls what our eye sees, go to in 380nm left with " outside " , cry " ultraviolet ray " , the eye cannot see euqally, but the skin that can take us, make what Qinghai-Tibet Platean brethren basks in black, of cheek Gong Gong. The word is pulled far, from on graph we see, filter already infra-red be blocked with ultraviolet light, remnant visible light comes in, so, chromatic CCD cannot see infrared ray. Why doesn't black and white CCD add filter then, be afraid that to it color is disturbed hard? Ah! Black and white camera does not have color originally, he Lai " color " interference? Be in so inchoate, infrared cinematograph uses black and white camera namely, added infra-red and projectile lamp to go. Chromatic camera is more and more general later, always cannot use chromatic camera by day, arrived reoccupy is black and white in the evening camera makes infra-red tube, this repeats investment, understood the reason of above, think up a method with respect to somebody: Shelter discharge Pi Ling shelters when? of Tiao of Lang of appearance bite  should do not have the light, CCD above that filter is taken off, make infra-red tube again, this not have to! " day and night model infrared color camera " came out so! , this very the office goes looking for old professor when resembling reading, he wears a presbyopic looking glass when reading a book, look up when seeing you, get on glasses toward the top of head move away, it is this movement (I had quickly also, ah! ) . So, above the sort of camera, a rigid structure was held before CCD, pull open filter with electromagnetism a powerful person or rollback, making what when moving, listen arrive " examine of noise made in coughing or vomiting " .
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