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Safe supervisory system prevents Lei Bao to protect a design shallow talk
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One, foreword
Manage in bank, traffic, village, storeroom as safe supervisory system medium popularize application quickly, the possibility that supervisory system equipment destroys because of be struck by lightning increased greatly. May make whole supervisory system runs malfunction if really ever since, cause the pecuniary loss that estimates hard.
To take the effective safeguard that prevent thunder to safe supervisory system, safeguard supervisory system moves reliably normally, the main reason that should make clear supervisory system to suffer be struck by lightning to damage above all and thunder invade a way possibly, especially the outdoor supervisory equipment with relatively serious damage of be struck by lightning, on the foundation that analyses its attaint reason, choose correctly and use the protector preventing thunder of supervisory system equipment, and research and the cloth that discuss circuitry of signal, power source are put, screen and ground connection means. Can make how each prevent engineering company, to increasing the capacity of the phone that fight thunder of supervisory system, the level preventing thunder that optimizes a system has very good effect.

2, the composition of closed circuit monitoring system and thunder kill cause of formation
1, TV supervisory system (Closed Circait Televisiow, abbreviation CCTV) , general by the following 3 parts composition:
Front part: Main by black and white (color) the composition such as stage of camera, camera lens, cloud, shield, bracket.
Transmission part: Line of use coaxial cable, electrical wiring, much core is adopted built on stilts, ground is buried or edge wall lays wait for means to transmit video, frequency or control signal to wait.
Terminal part: Basically break up by the picture implement, the composition such as equipment of monitor, control. 2, CCTV system thunder kills cause of formation
Hit thunder continuously: Thunder is attacked directly equipment breakdown is caused on outdoor camera; Thunder is attacked directly wire cable fusing is caused on trolly wire cable.
Thunder wave invades: The metallic cop that the power supply cord of CCTV, signal is transmitted or enters monitoring room arrives be struck by lightning or be felt in season by thunder, thunder wave invades equipment along these metallic lead, cause potential appoint equipment breakdown.
Thunder induction: When lightning rod of be struck by lightning, bringing get offline all round the twinkling with meeting very strong generation changes electromagnetism field. At the supervisory equipment in electromagnetism field and transmission line meeting induction gives larger electromotive force. This phenomenon calls electromagnetism the induction. When electrified Lei Yun appears, induction of the metropolis on the building below Lei Yun and transmission line gives as contrary as Lei Yun charge. Charge of this kind of induction can amount to 100kv on circuitry of low-pressure built on stilts, on line means but 40 - 60kv. This kind of phenomenon makes electrostatic response. Electromagnetism induction and static electric induction call inductive thunder, call thunder 2 times again. It did not attack Lei Lai continuously to the harm of equipment abruptly, but the machine rate that it should produce than hitting thunder continuously is gotten greatly much.
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