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Monitor foundation
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Receive when CCTV Monitor on after cinematograph or collection put image machine, what the spot or place record is video appear to go up in Monitor, resemble the TV screen that sees at ordinary times, that after all video how to form?

Video formation behavioral principle is video after signal inputs Monitor, monitor must this compound signal (Comp. Site Signal) give depart and decipher. Main depart gives unbleached signal of R, G, B3 and H (level) , V (perpendicular) 2 synchronous signal. After unbleached signal of R, G, B3 passes decipher, the cathode that tries to so that drive CRT,magnify (Cathode) , release an electron beam. This electron beam passes Mask (screen) hind bump firebug light (Phosphor) , and generation window. H (level) with V (perpendicular) 2 synchronous signal pass enlarge to so that make the deflection coil generation of Monitor is swept,be handled respectively take aim electric current, the magnetic force that place of this electric current produces drives the moving way of electron beam. Cooperating so is the video picture that we see!

Firebug act (Display) the TV firebug act that classifies the firebug act sort on market to everybody is familiar with most, still have the individual's PC Monitor, and the Monitor in CCTV industry. And firebug dusk distinguishs again amount to sort, exemple like general CRT iconoscope firebug act and newfashioned liquid crystal show firebug act is waited a moment, it is more detailed classification below: Basically the firebug act cent of monitor is glow model with blame glow model.

One, glow
1. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) cathode shoots cop
2. VFD (VACuum FIuorescent DispIay) firebug light shows a tube
3. LED (Light Emitter DispIay) give off light 2 extremely body
4. PDP (PIasma DispIay PaneI) electric oar shows board
5. EL (EIectro Luminecent) smooth face plate of light produced by electricity) among them CRT is CCTV monitor most the firebug act iconoscope that often uses, VFD and CRT are additionally similar, multi-purpose show at miniature tube and number; PDP cent has AC and DC model, those who have tall brightness, polychromatic colour, high resolution approach a point, commonly used the appearance edition that goes up at battleplan: EL at invented for French Destriau place 1935, cent has AC and DC model reach organic inorganic. Can serve as the illuminant of LCD, softness can bend, colour much, price report of low, light, thin, province, as usual uses the cold light dashboard on Wu Che.

2, blame glow
Itself of act of this kind of firebug does not have the function of glow, include:
1. LCD (Liquid CrystaI DispIay) liquid crystal shows
2. ECD (EIectro Chromic ChemicaI DisPIay) report is changed write color to show 3. EPID (EIectrophoretic Indication DispIay) electrophoresis moves indication LCD is to belong to firebug act of Wu Jiaoxin to show pattern, have province report and frivolous advantage. PC Camera place is used is LCD, and a few C C T VM O N I T O R also begin to use. Although LCD is the trend of monitor firebug act, but it still cannot replace traditional CCTV Monitor. Because LCD itself does not give off light, if install at outdoor, cannot differentiate; Additional, LCD has the problem on the perspective, angle one-sided is inclined, it is not clear to can look. And monitor most buy at outdoor, watch a space longer, device LCD Monitor can produce afore-mentioned problem. Additional, ECD belongs to Wu Dian chemistry, it is use oxidation reductive law, can write color and disappear scene (of On, O achieve indication result. At present only the requirement that CRT, LED, LCD, PDP can reach high resolution; CRT, LED, PDP, VFD can achieve the requirement of tall brightness; CRT, LED, VFD, EL, LCD can achieve much colorific to ask.
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